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Your New Smile Is Waiting. Gentle Dentistry For You.

Looking for Exceptional Dentistry for you or a loved one? If so, then we would like to warmly welcome you to the office of Dr. Evelyn Kidonakis Cosmetic dentist. We are a Family, General and Implant dental practice and we strive to provide you, and your family and friends, with a dental experience that is second to none. 

    •       You Don’t Like the Way You Look and Want a Beautiful Smile.
    •         You Have Yellow, Stained, Crooked \Teeth
    •         Your Gums Bleed and have Bad Breath
    •         You Suffer With Dentures or Partials That Don’t Work, Hurt, or Make You Look older
    •         You Hear Yourself Say “My Teeth are a Mess.” Or “My Mouth is a Disaster”  



Then, you’ll fit right into this practice because it is dedicated to helping people like you.

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We invite you to discover why 90% of our new patients come from the referrals of our existing patients! Our personal attention and genuine compassion is felt the moment you enter our Glenview dental office. You will experience a catering and comfortable dental visit that you will remember and tell others about.

Our practice has grown by building relationships with our patients, earning their trust, and providing exceptional dental care. You can expect personal patient services, important preventive care, and painless state-of-the-art cosmetic dental procedures that can give you a complete smile makeover.

Whether you are an existing patient or looking for a dentist in Glenview, our website was developed for you. We hope that you find our dental website educational and that the information and experiences of others just like you, inspires you to visit for a complimentary smile design consultation at our conveniently located Glenview dental office.

Our wide ranges of dental services include:

•  Gentle Cleanings •  All-Porcelain Crowns, Bridges
•  Veneers •  Root Canal Treatments
•  Extractions •  tooth-colored Fillings
•  Bonding •  Dentures
•  Whitening •  Dental Implants


Cosmetic Dentistry in Glenview

The smile you envision can be a reality. We make it our first priority. From simply brightening your teeth to complete smile makeovers, we are ready to provide you with the aesthetic techniques necessary to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of!

Some of our cosmetic dental treatments include:

•  White Fillings •  Replace Missing Teeth
•  Repair Chipped Teeth •  Correcting Your Bite
•  Mend Fractured Teeth •  Fixing Discoloration
•  Fill Tooth Gaps •  Repair Extensive Damage
•  Improve Size, Shape of Teeth •  Restore a Beautiful Smile!

We are here to accommodate your dental needs. Contact us today for an appointment, and be on your way to a healthy and improved smile that will boost your confidence, while enriching your personal and professional life.

We are also available for emergency dentist appointments in the Glenview, IL. area, including zip codes 60026 and 60025


State of the Art Dentistry!

We offer state of the art dentistry, including low radiation digital x-rays and welcome you to experience the difference at Smile Today Dental. An example of our new and modern dental equipment is our Intra-oral camera.

This high-tech dental camera allows Dr. Kidonakis and staff to spot problems that before could not be seen with the traditional dental mirror and human eye. This small dental camera carries its own light and highly magnifies the images onto a computer screen in front of you. If there is a problem, we will freeze the frame, point out the exact problem, discuss it and offer a solution. Your interaction and understanding of your oral health is empowering and leads to better oral health awareness.

Also, at Smile Today Dental we utilize the Diagnodent. The Diagnodent can detect a weakness in a tooth before it becomes a cavity. That could mean no more Novocain shots and no more drills!

Diagnodent finds hard-to-spot areas of tooth decay. This FDA approved device is a compact diode laser used to identify areas of tooth decay that traditional means, including X-rays, miss. Diagnodent shines a laser beam down into the tooth, to a depth of 2.5 mm. The device is aimed into the grooves of teeth, providing a decay reading to Dr. Evelyn Kidonakis.

- We actively aid our patients in obtaining a lifetime of good dental health. We thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and bone structure, emphasize good oral hygiene, and offer these preventive care services:

- From the moment you arrive at our Glenview dental practice you will be treated with professional and comforting care. During your initial exam you will be screened for oral cancer, given diagnostic x-rays for examination, gum disease evaluation and an update on your current dental health. We encourage our patients to visit on a regular basis in order to prevent disease before it happens.

CLEANINGS - The individual care you will receive includes removal of plaque and tarter from your teeth and gum line and polish them to remove common stains.

SEALANTS- We offer sealants for both our adult and pediatric patients. A sealant is a tooth colored or clear plastic material that adheres to your natural tooth enamel. The benefits of sealing common pits and grooves against tooth decay can be an effective and affordable means to head off future decay problems.

- Healthy gums make healthy teeth. We continually search for signs of early gum disease so it can be treated non-surgically prior to becoming a major problem.