CLEANING & PREVENTION – Exams, Cleaning, and X-rays

Exam: Your first visit to our office will include a thorough dental exam by the dentist to order to make an initial assessment of your oral health. An oral care plan will be recommended that will include periodic check-ups.

• Dental Cleaning and polishing: Your dental cleaning will consist of removal of tartar, along with any plaque that has formed over the teeth. Plaque is a formation of bacteria and build up that will eventually cause inflammation. The instruments and technique we use will safely remove this build up, followed by polishing that removes stains and enhances the cleaning results, as well as brightening your smile.

• Gum evaluation and treatment: Your gums and the bone supporting your teeth will be checked for overall health.

• Oral cancer screening: The lips, tongue, throat, and cheeks are examined for any possible signs of oral cancer.

• Safe Digital X-rays: Safe X-rays are crucial for giving the dentist information such as state of bone loss (if any), abscesses, teeth coming in misaligned, tumors or other possible issues within the teeth and bone. Early detection is important in treating and maintaining your oral health.

• Evaluation of existing dental work: Checking current crowns, bridges, fillings, etc. for any changes that may require attention.


We look forward to providing you with the quality of dental care you deserve - a clean, healthy smile. Call us today!.