RESTORATIONS – Crowns, Root Canals, Bridges, Dentures


• Crowns: A crown or cap is a metal and/or porcelain covering that is placed over the tooth surface, restoring strength and appearance. Crowns are needed when a filling is not enough to give tooth proper structure, to fix fractures, or lend support for bridges. Crowns typically consist of two appointments. First, impressions are made and sent to a local laboratory in order to create the custom crowns. When the new crown arrives, the patient will return to the office for placement and fitting.


• Root Canals: A root canal may be needed to relieve severe pain or sensitivity caused by extensive tooth decay. Many times an infection is present. The affected tissue needs to be removed, and the nerve canal reshaped and filled with a special material and finally sealed and crowned to help prevent future infection.


• Bridges: Another way to replace lost teeth, this permanent fixture is typically made of porcelain on top of metal or all porcelain, that fits over existing teeth. Bridges are the solution to many of the same issues that implants are used for, and another option for patients, depending on their particular needs and circumstances.




• Dentures: Dentures are a removable option to replace missing teeth. They can be full appliances or partial. Natural, existing teeth may need to be prepared for dentures to fit properly. .

After proper fit has been achieved, a patient’s smile is enhanced with easy-to-care for dentures.
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