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By Dr. Evelyn Kidonakis

Busting Common Myths about Botox

Separate Fact from Fiction:

Are you afraid of getting Botox injections because of what you've heard?

Our team at Smile Today Dental in Glenview, IL, is here to bust common myths and misconceptions about Botox.

Learn the truth about this safe and effective treatment!

Myth or Reality?

Botox Injections are Painful:

Worried about pain during Botox injections?

Don't be! Our experienced team of dentists will ensure your comfort during the procedure.

Botox injections are virtually painless and require no anesthesia or recovery time.

True or False?

Botox Injections are Only for Women:

Think Botox injections are only for women?

Think again! Men can also benefit from the effects of Botox, which can help them look younger and more refreshed.

We offer Botox injections for both men and women at our office.

Get the Facts Straight

Botox Injections are Risky:

Worried about the risks of Botox injections?

Rest assured, Botox is a safe and FDA-approved treatment.

We will provide a thorough consultation to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

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