Professional whitening, at home and in the office that gets results and suits your active lifestyle

At Smile Today Dental in Glenview, Illinois, we live up to our tagline. “We design smiles for active lifestyles,” and we do so in a way that is convenient, safe, comfortable, personalized, and precise (for best results!). 

One of the most dramatic yet no-hassle ways to enhance your smile is with professional teeth whitening. To accommodate our patients’ active lifestyles, Drs Evelyn Kidonakis, Jinyoung Yoo, and Amir Danesh offer professional-grade whitening that patients can safely and conveniently apply from the comfort of their homes. Likewise, patients may desire chairside whitening completed in just one visit.

How home whitening works 

As with other treatments at our practice, teeth whitening starts with one of our dentists evaluating the health of your teeth and gums. We must resolve existing oral health problems before moving forward with whitening or other elective cosmetic procedures. Additionally, some “stains” may indicate dental decay and require restorative treatments such as fillings. 

If professional whitening (bleaching) is determined to be appropriate for you, oral appliances are known as “trays” will be customized to fit your mouth. Our team provides clear directions on how to care for and wear these trays. As with all aspects of professional whitening, where time is customized to your needs and personal characteristics; for instance, patients concerned about teeth sensitivity will wear the trays for less time each day than patients who tolerate the whitening gel.

We will also show you how to fill the trays with gel. Professional gels are formulated with clinically-proven, peroxide-based ingredients. Off-the-shelf or OTC whitening gels either do not contain proven ingredients, or they do not have a sufficient concentration of the peroxide to lift stains and make a noticeable difference in the appearance of your teeth. Our whitening gels are highly concentrated. They are also safe due to our professionals’ ability to personalize each aspect of the process. Plus, since the trays are designed to conform to the contours of your mouth, these appliances do not slip or rub up against the insides of your mouth. Irritation and potential tissue damage are avoided. This feature not only supports the most comfortable and low-risk process, but it also helps to achieve optimal results! The whitening gel is delivered from the trays to the teeth evenly for natural-looking and attractive stain removal. 

The trays may be worn for around an hour each day. Patients can see many shades of lighter teeth staring back at them in the mirror in as little as two weeks! 

Can’t wait for a whiter smile? 

Patients who have a big event coming up and prefer an even more dramatic, rather than a gradual, approach to whitening can benefit from in-office “power” whitening. We use the Philips Zoom whitening system. In the skilled hands of one of our dentists, a potent gel is applied evenly and safely. The surrounding tissues are protected to support the safest, most comfortable experience and the best treatment outcomes. A specialized, light-based device activates the gel. In just one dental appointment, our patients have whitened their teeth by up to 10 shades! 

To find out more about options to “makeover” your smile at Smile Today Dental, schedule an appointment by calling us at 847-440-3331.

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