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Dr. Kidonakis and her staff always provide the best care.  They listen to their patients’ needs and respond to any questions with caring and a deep expertise.  I never feel that they are trying to add unneeded options – I do feel that they provide the best care and treatment plans.  And the Dr. is very gentle!  After years of very bad dentistry with others, I can say with full confidence that Smile Today Dental is the best I have ever been to.

I’m glad to have Dr. Kidonakis as my dentist.  She is thorough and explains any work that I may need done.  Even though I got a dry socket, when my wisdom tooth was pulled, it was still a good experience. The doctor saw me right away and everything was good after that.  Dr. Kidonakis is the most amazing, caring and best dentist I’ve seen. I will have a very nice smile soon. – Holly O.

I have found my dental care with Dr. Kidonakis to be the finest I’ve ever experienced. She does everything possible to make your visits comfortable, at ease and pain free. Her staff is professional and very attentive to your dental experience and care. Dr. Kidonakis always takes the time to explain your treatment and educate you about your dental care. I find this very helpful when considering my options and planning. The office is modern, clean and very accommodating to the patient. They have great relaxing music, as well. They have created a pleasant dental experience rather than an in and out dental appointment. Dr. Kidonakis is an exceptional dentist with an extraordinary attention and care toward her patients. I recommend her highly to my family and friends. – Scott R.

I best like the level of care and friendliness of Dr. Kidonakis and her staff.  – Stefanie A.

What a pleasure to deal with a professional like Dr. Kidonakis! I look forward to an appointment with the dentist now. Before I met Dr. Kidonakis I used to dread my appointments with the dentist. – William P.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kidonakis for over 18 years.  Dr. Kidonakis is an intelligent, friendly, and caring dentist.  She takes excellent care of and time to examine my teeth.  If I have any questions or issues regarding my teeth, she’s there to provide the best possible solutions.  Her staff and employees are well trained and very polite to me.  I enjoy my visits for cleanings and any other procedures.  I recommend Dr. Kidonakis to all my friends and relatives.
– Joe R.

I like the high-tech equipment and the friendly staff.
– Chris P.

I have been a patient at Smile Today Dental for two wonderful years.  I heard about Dr. Evelyn Kidonakis through a friend.  She knew how petrified I was about dentists.  I mean I could not even walk into an office without starting to shake; even to the point of getting a nervous attack!!  Well, my friend told me about Smile Today Dental and how patient and nice the staff and doctor are so I said okay, let me make an appointment.  I wanted to save my teeth.  When I arrived at the office, the staff were great, they took the time to explain and they made me feel at home.  Sure I was still nervous and getting sweaty palms, but the staff and doctor made me feel confident about myself.  I would like to thank Dr. Evelyn and her staff for all the patience, for all the knowledge, for my confidence, and for the love they give to their patients and to me.  Because of that I have met my goal of having strong healthy teeth. –  
Christina A.