Range of denture systems get you smiling, in comfort, and with confidence today!

Range of denture systems get you smiling, in comfort, and with confidence today!

Root canal therapy has a high success rate; however, as with all treatments, no single procedure is 100% effective at resolving every case. For these patients and others whose teeth are not candidates for nonsurgical root canal treatment, at Smile Today Dental in Glenview, Illinois, we encourage them to look sooner rather than later at tooth replacement options, such as dentures. 

It is critical to replace teeth as soon as possible after they have been extracted. Likewise, patients who already have gaps in their smiles should contact us right away. So, we can start the process of designing their new teeth! 

Why are we in such a hurry? 

For starters, our dentists, Drs Evelyn Kidonakis, Jinyoung Yoo, and Amir Danesh, intimately know the value of a complete smile. Every day that they treat patients, they are privileged to facilitate positive transformations. Our treated patients walk taller, and they smile and laugh confidently again. They speak proudly and clearly, without embarrassment. They’re even able to enjoy their favorite foods again, without pain and discomfort! 

As wonderful as these functional benefits of replacing teeth are, there are even more compelling reasons to fill gaps now. Bone loss is a destructive process. It occurs due to missing teeth. Consider how your jawbone stays strong due to the stimulation that it gets from the teeth. This stimulation or “exercise” includes essential functions, such as grinding down food. When teeth are no longer present in the mouth, the supportive jawbone doesn’t “get exercised.” The result? It shrinks! Patients may notice over time that their facial appearance looks different. The lower portion of the face can collapse. Cheeks may appear sunken. Skin folds arise, which prematurely “age” our patients with missing teeth. 

The tooth replacement options that we provide facilitate long-term, healthy chewing and speaking function. They also prevent, minimize, or help to reverse the effects of bone loss. Our patients’ satisfaction from partial and complete dentures revolves around our exacting planning, which uses accurate and detailed diagnostics (such as digital imaging and intraoral cameras). Such precision planning assures that the dentures fit well. Optimal fit promotes the most comfortable experience with your new teeth, as well as efficient chewing function. Smile Today Dental also uses premium materials. A few examples of this combination of precision fit and quality materials “in action” include: 

  • The partial denture – Partials are replacement teeth and gums made from materials such as acrylic and ceramic. These prosthetic teeth and gum tissue sit on a metal framework. The framework is connected to existing, healthy teeth with specialized attachments. In this manner, the existing teeth help support the partial among  those patients who are missing several teeth or a grouping of them. 
  • The complete denture – Perfectly color-matched acrylic and ceramic teeth and gummy tissue are held in place by natural suction or with the assistance of denture adhesives. Well-fitting dentures prevent the denture from sliding around, which causes embarrassing slips when eating or speaking, and can lead to sores and tissue damage. 
  • Implant-retained dentures – Instead of being stabilized in the mouth by precisely hugging the contours of the bone and tissues, these dentures are supported (or “retained”) by dental implants placed in the jaw. The implants integrate into the bone in the jaw. Then, the denture is connected to the implant with special attachments, such as clasps. This system replicates the natural design of teeth, as the denture is “rooted” in the mouth by strategically-placed implants. In turn, implants function like tooth roots for the ultimate in denture stability.

A single implant may also be used to support one tooth. Or a few implants can be used as an alternative to conventional dental bridges to replace some teeth. Are you grappling with painful, badly damaged teeth? Are you embarrassed about missing teeth? Smile Today Dental can get you back to doing just that, smiling in comfort and unabashedly. Call 847-440-3331 to schedule your appointment.